smallsilhouettedog  “Buddy” Cluett  2003-2017


catsilhouette  “Onyx” McMillan  2009-2017


catsilhouette  “Scamper” Griswold  2000-2017


catsilhouette  “Comet” Russo  2010-2017


smallsilhouettedog  “Romeo” Dorn  2004-2017


smallsilhouettedog  “Gracie” Reynolds  2004-2017


  “Draco” Mitchell  2003-2017


  “Vesta” Kincaid  2006-2017


 “Peanut” Schieber  2005-2017


  “Lynx” Hurdle  1999-2017


  “Beau” Webb  2002-2017


  “Penny” Blankenship  2002-2017


  “Maxi” Gray  2013-2017


  “Doo” Nuckles  1999-2017


  “Manny” Williams  2007-2017


  “Zoe” Bales  2007-2017


  “Zoie” Carr  2004-2017


 “Hudson” Lepper  2009-2017


  “Kasey” Kennedy  2006-2017


  “Sandy” Atkinson  2000-2017


  “Chelsea” Savage  2009-2017


  “Isabelle” Holland  2003-2017


  “Max” Jones  2003-2017


  “Koda” Mahone  2007-2017


  “Woofie” Swimme  2004-2017


  “Akumu” Landry  2003-2017


  “Casey” Keller  2005-2017


  “Lucy” Hargrove  2005-2017


  “Cali” Plaza  2007-2017


  “Maggie” Juguilon  2013-2017


  “Molly” Jones  2005-2017


  “Bailey” White  2004-2017


  “Kitty” Mitchell  2007-2017


  “Charlie” Speller  2008-2017


  “Majic” Jakobowski  2003-2017


  “Marshie” Arsenault  2001-2017


  “Daisy” Grizzard  2004-2017


  “Maggie” Coco  2005-2017


  “Grady” Barkley  2006-2017


   “Bubba” Bradshaw  2011-2018


  “Maddie” Carollo  2004-2018


  “Annie” Heard  2009-2018


  “Goldie” Edwards  2007-2017


  “Buddy II” Bryant  2001-2017


  “Lady Bug” Baynor-Slusher  2004-2018


  “Blackie” Yost  2004-2018


  “Felony” Battreal  2006-2018


  “Chance” Gilbertson  2005-2017


  “Braveheart”/”NannyPoo”  2002-2018


  “Sara” Schramm  2008-2018


  “Snickers” Duke  2003-2018


  “Lily” Evans  2008-2018


  “Tom Tom” Galuffo  2011-2018


  “Salsa” Keane  2004-2018


  “Hobo” Nix  2006-2018


  “Sophia” Macias  2008-2018


  “Bubby” DeForest  2008-2018


  “Smudge” Deoraich  2001-2018


“Yoda” Knoblock  2006-2018


  “Sandy” Ellis  2010-2018


  “Baby Girl” Mason  2008-2018


  “Sugar Cookie” Davies  2008-2018


  “Milly” Perry  2011-2018


  “Spike” Etherton  1994-2018


  “Weyland Burrito” Davies  2014-2018


  “Milkshake” Echols  2002-2018


  “Joey” Weaver 1999-2018


  “Ginger” Blount  2015-2018


  “Norman” Daniel  2006-2018


  “Selenity” Bishop  2001-2018


  “Roxy” Copeland  2006-2018


  “Baxter” Lilley   2005-2018


  “Maci” Corbett  2004-2018


  “Schotzie” Gettys  2003-2018


  “Jinx” Johnston  2001-2018


  “Taffi” Ellis  2006-2018


  “Sasha” Dickinson  2008-2018


  “Kai” Wertz  2009-2018


  “Miko” Leslie  2010-2018


  “Shelby-Lynn” Carr  2007-2018


  “Bud” Parker  2004-2018


  “Roxy” Landry  2005-2018


  “Snoopy” Burgess  2005-2018


  “Bella” Perry  2004-2018


  “Ditches” Garwood  1999-2018


  “Bindy” White  2004-2018


  “Hipkat” Baker  2003-2018


  “Mamma Duke” Potts  2011-2018


  “Puggsie” Yost  2002-2018


  “Clyde” Spangler  2002-2018


  “Maverick” Brown  2007-2018


  “Lily” Yost  2002-2018


  “Gracie Lu” Dorr  2004-2018


  “Trigger” Dodson  2006-2018


  “Emmy” Mowery  2005-2018


  “Calypso” Weisberg  2003-2018


  “Lil Bit” Ferguson  2002-2018


  “Snow” Harvey  2007-2018


  “Coco” Williams  2009-2018


  “Leo” Hutchinson  2011-2018

We won!!

That makes 12 years in a row you've voted us "Best of Suffolk/Franklin/Isle of Wight"! Thank you for all your votes - we appreciate every single one of them. We will work hard to earn your vote again next year

Companion Therapy Laser

Harbour Veterinary Office is very concerned about pain management in pets. Because of this concern we have added the latest technology for the treatment of joint and soft tissue pain, the Companion Therapy Laser. This Laser introduces heat and light to the deepest tissues, which then reduces pain and swelling. This encourages the animal's own healing processes. The Laser is used routinely following every surgery, as well as for countless other applications. Virtually any painful condition can be made less painful with this therapy. Treatments last only minutes per site and require no anesthesia. Your pet will be very comfortable as this laser produces only slight warmth in the inflamed tissue. Laser Therapy for chronic conditions -ie.. arthritis - usually require 6 treatments to get your pet to a much more tolerable state. Booster treatments are then required every 4 to 12 weeks to maintain the reduced pain. If your pet is currently on a medication to reduce swelling and/or pain, this treatment may reduce or eliminate the need for oral medications. Please ask for more information from anyone on our staff, or go to the The Companion Therapy Laser website, in the Links section of our website.

Location Hours
Monday8:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday8:00am – 7:00pm
Wednesday8:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday8:00am – 7:00pm
Friday8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday8:00am – 12:00pm

Emergency Process
For after-hours emergency information, please call 935-9111 this is the number for the emergency clinic in Northern Suffolk called The Cove. Or please call 366 - 9000. This is the number for the emergency clinic located adjacent to Greenbrier Mall.