Animal Health

  • Bayer The manufacturer of Advantage, Advantix, Advantage-Multi, as well as antibiotics and common dewormers.
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim Manufacturer of Metacam, Vemedin, and other commonly used veterinary products.
  • CareCredit The nation’s leading veterinary care financing company. It offers a variety of no-interest and low-interest payment plans. Applications can be made online or by phone.
  • Companion Laser Therapy Laser reduces swelling in joints and soft tissues.
  • Dodgers List Signs of disc disease in dogs. Treatment options and recovery
  • Facebook Keep up with what’s going on around the office with our pets!
  • Facts about Tick Borne diseases in the Suffolk area. Use the tool below to generate a map of your home area to see the number of reported positive cases of ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and heartworm disease in dogs. Maps are available for all regions of the United States and Canada. Because so m
  • Microchip Look Up Developed by AAHA and can enter any microchip number from any company and will tell you where registered or which company so that owner can be found.
  • Pet Health Network Answers from vets about your pets
  • Suffolk Humane Society The mission of the Suffolk Humane Society is to end euthanasia as a means to control pet overpopulation in Suffolk. To achieve this goal, Suffolk Humane Society is focused on Adoption, Spay/Neuter programs and Humane Education.
  • Veterinary Partners Excellent site for many pet related topics
  • VVMA The VVMA represents, promotes, and protects the interests of our diverse veterinary community and serves as a resource on matters of animal health, animal welfare, and the human animal bond.
  • Zoetis Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways.

Animal Health FAQ's

  • Veterinarians are often live online to answer questions


  • Hill's Pet Dog and Cat food transforming lives
  • Purina Veterinary Diets When your pet needs specialized nutrition to help manage a health condition, Purina Veterinary Diets has the answer
  • Royal Canin Harbour Veterinary Office, LLC is proud to carry the full line of Royal Canin dietary products.


  • Animal Poison Control Center Extensive information concerning various toxins your pet may come into contact with.
  • AVMA The American Veterinary Medical Association’s site, full of reliable information concerning vet. medicine today.
  • VVMA The VVMA represents, promotes, and protects the interests of our diverse veterinary community and serves as a resource on matters of animal health, animal welfare, and the human animal bond.

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Companion Therapy Laser

Harbour Veterinary Office is very concerned about pain management in pets. Because of this concern we have added the latest technology for the treatment of joint and soft tissue pain, the Companion Therapy Laser. This Laser introduces heat and light to the deepest tissues, which then reduces pain and swelling. This encourages the animal's own healing processes. The Laser is used routinely following every surgery, as well as for countless other applications. Virtually any painful condition can be made less painful with this therapy. Treatments last only minutes per site and require no anesthesia. Your pet will be very comfortable as this laser produces only slight warmth in the inflamed tissue. Laser Therapy for chronic conditions -ie.. arthritis - usually require 6 treatments to get your pet to a much more tolerable state. Booster treatments are then required every 4 to 12 weeks to maintain the reduced pain. If your pet is currently on a medication to reduce swelling and/or pain, this treatment may reduce or eliminate the need for oral medications. Please ask for more information from anyone on our staff, or go to the The Companion Therapy Laser website, in the Links section of our website.

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Emergency Process
For after-hours emergency information, please call 935-9111 this is the number for the emergency clinic in Northern Suffolk called The Cove. Or please call 366 - 9000. This is the number for the emergency clinic located adjacent to Greenbrier Mall.